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Im just some pathetic kid who pours ink onto tainted pages.

Im the one who fell in love and stayed that way.

December 28th, 2011

(no subject) @ 08:26 pm

"Somebody asked me why I'd want a military boyfriend, 'they'd always leave you,' they said. I replied with 'Because I would rather my boyfriend leave me for war than for a whore.'"

~ love you, armybaby<3


December 23rd, 2011

(no subject) @ 09:38 pm

I hate that everyone has a place to go, or somewhere to be,
and I don't.

Merry Christmas....

December 21st, 2011

turn on the radio; turn it up, cuz it turns me on ~ @ 12:04 am

I downloaded a lot of The Ready Set tonight. Nothing better to do. Susie and Will were gonna come over, but they bailed like the usually do because they always assume the world is mad at them. That pissed me off. Then I've been kind of sad all day and now disappointed because I was really hoping to see Steven tonight....

Happy eight months by the way. I love you. <3


December 17th, 2011

Wedding Stuff because I'm lame. @ 08:25 pm

I know this probably freaks Steven out (sorry baby, I dun mean to), but I just get really excited when I think about becoming someones (Steven's) wife one day. So when I'm home alone, and bored, and thinking about everything, I like to do things like this;

So I found the earrings I want :D (pearl is my birthstone; obviously I'd want to wear it on my wedding day). (something olddddd)
necklace Voici le neclace <3 It matches the earrings <3 ...but I'd like to get it in a dull platinum...Im not quite into brides wearing copper :S

And the shoes! Pearls make the shoe <3  And it HAS To be closed toe shoes. Peek-toe shoes are gross because toes/feet are grossssss.

This is the front of the dress that I REALLY want. I think it suits me, as well as the lovely accessories :3

AND the back of ittttt <3 (it's got a beaaaaaaaaaaaautiful chapel trrainnnnn <3)

To incorporate the "something blue" (yes, Im very traditional) I was thinking a THIN blue ribbon tied into my hair, in this style;

The veil would hide the ribbon for the most part, ....but this is only a maybe.... now that I look at it...it's less applealing. I really like the chignon idea though. Elegancy is key.

Ahhhhh :3


December 13th, 2011

Just pull me down hard - and drown me in love ~ @ 10:01 pm

Your lips serenade me
until I'm left shivering in my bones.
My skin melts;
I'm exposed,
and you're my weakness.

You bite your lip
when you see me biting mine.
The look in your eyes tonight
tells me you have every intention
to show me the desire
that flows through your perfect veins,
the look that sends the colour to your flawless face.

So use your lips
to heat up the blood in my veins;
serenade to me, the sweetest of melodies
that send shakes through my bones;
touch your lips to my skin
and taste me with such fervor
that shows me what you intend to do tonight.

As you lift the fabric from my body -
your hands explore the soft mountains and valleys of my skin;
I hunger for you
in such ways that food will never sate.
My touch - swift fingertips and soft lips -
complies with your every movement.
and the whispered breathing is silenced
for just a short moment in time
when lips part
for the escaping moans and cries.

I need you more than for just tonight.

- Katie

This really doesnt make much sense, but I'm in love, and I want my baby. <3


Im just some pathetic kid who pours ink onto tainted pages.

Im the one who fell in love and stayed that way.