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Im just some pathetic kid who pours ink onto tainted pages.

Im the one who fell in love and stayed that way.

January 6th, 2012

The Mortal Instruments 30 Challenge <3 @ 03:04 am


Day 1- Most favorite book - I like City of Glass the Best.

Day 2- Favorite ShadowHunter - JACE HERONDALE <3

Day 3- Least Favorite Shadowhunter - Valentine, obvs.

Day 4- Downworlders: Fair Folk, Children of the Night, Children of Lilith, or Children of the Moon? CHILDREN OF LILITH <3 Oh Magnus Bane <3

Day 5- Most favorite Downworlder - MAGNUS BANE! <3

Day 6- Most favorite Rune - Fearless rune. So badass. Iratze's are cool too.

Day 7- Most favorite pair/s - JACE AND CLARY. And Luke and Jocelyn :3 OH OH AND ALEC AND MAGNUS.

Day 8- Demon you would like to have as your soldier - I don't like the idea of using demons to fight for you.

Day 9- Most favorite chapter in City of Bones. - I cant even remember what chapters said what.

Day 10- Isabelle or Maia for Simon? - Isabelle.

Day 11- Actress you like to portray Clary.

Day 12- Actress you like to portray Isabelle - as much as I hate Megan Fox...I think she'd look best for Isabelle.

Day 13- Most favorite quote of Jace - "To love is to destory, and to be loved is to be destroyed."

Day 14- Most favorite quote of Magnus Bane - "I don't remember the Clave inviting you into the Glass City, Magnus Bane."
"They didn't," Magnus said." Your wards are down."
"Really?" The Consul's voice dripped sarcasm. " I hadn't noticed."
Magnus looked concerned. "That's terrible. Someone should have told you." He
glanced at Luke. "Tell him the wards are down."

Day 15- Your weapon of choice - Seraph blades and Izzy's whip <3

Day 16- Least favorite part/chapter in City of Glass - THEY SLEPT IN THE SAME BED BUT DIDNT DO IT.

Day 17- Favorite Jace/Clary scene - Clary's birthday, in the greenhouse <3

Day 18 - Least favorite member of the Clave - I used to hate Maryse ... but I kind of like her now :3

Day 19- Which City do you like most? Bones, Ashes, or Glass? Glass <3 ..and Ashes.

Day 20- Most favorite angel name - Ithuriel <3

Day 21- The Mortal Cup, Sword, or Mirror? Mortal cup, yo.

Day 22- Jace/Clary or Simon/Clary? JACE AND CLARY

Day 23- If you were a faerie, would you be a kelpie, a phouka, a nixie, or a selkie? - Nixie <3

Day 24- Animal you’d like to have as a pet - Cat, like Magnus <3

Day 25- Let’s say you ate a faerie food. Which would you prefer: run naked with antlers on your head or be turned to an animal?  - Naked with antlers :3

Day 26- Most favorite quote of Isabelle - "Nothing less than seven inches. Thats my motto."

Day 27- Most favorite Alec/Magnus scene - MAKEOUT SCENE BEFORE THE WAR <3

Day 28- If you could speak any language, what would it be? - Warlock languages <3

Day 29- Favorite and least favorite chapter/s in City of Ashes - Idkkkkkkkkkk

Day 30- If you were given a chance to change any scene in any book, what would you change? - I would've not included Simon during Clary's birthday makeout with Jace.
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Im just some pathetic kid who pours ink onto tainted pages.

Im the one who fell in love and stayed that way.